Opening 2017

“Ich bin O. K. Dance Company” (Vienna) – Kein Stück Liebe

Thursday 9 November, 8 pm
Schauspielhaus, House 2
17,50 / 9 € via

A quick look at today’s media landscape reveals a seemingly heavy focus on one area. The refugee situation and the fear of hyperxenesis and terror. How can you distance yourself from it, to what extent do you have to deal with it, how can you keep up the lightness in your own life, when everything around you seems to perish? One is confronted daily with these big topics, which only raise questions and give no answers… and when can we finally talk about love again?

The dancers of the “Ich bin O. K.” (‘I am OK’) Dance Company in the dance theatre production “Kein Stück Liebe” (‘Not one Piece of Love’) deal with these challenges. In the new production, 11 dancers – some with disabilities, some without – negotiate current world events. With the help of contemporary dance techniques and hip-hop dance, expressive, moving images are created that are intended to stimulate reflection. Without evaluation and conclusion, they present a process of confrontation that motivates us to consider the difficulties of life with humour, ease, and hope. In the end, love must win!

Starring: Mike Brozek, Simon Couvreur, Clara Horvath, Lina Hufnagl, Moritz Lembert, Raphael Kadrnoska, Maria Naber, Andrea Novacescu, Felix Röper, Alexander Stuchlik, Sophie Waldstein
Voiceover: Kirstin Schwab
Director: Verena Kiegerl
Choreographers: Hana & Atilla Zani
Stage: ART for ART and Heinrich Spilka
Music editing: Stefan Voglsinger