About us

Artistic direction:
Mag. Lina Hölscher, M.A.

Lina Hölscher was born 1986 in Berlin. She studied Dramatics, Pedagogics and Psychology in Munich and completed a Masters in Performance Making in London. Since 2012 she has lived in Graz, working as a cultural manager, facilitator, director and dramatic advisor in the German speaking parts of Europe. Often, her central focus is the connection of the arts and the social. She has accompanied the InTaKT festival as artistic director since the first edition in 2016.

Organizational management:
Anja M. Wohlfahrt, M.A.

Anja M. Wohlfahrt was born 1991 in St.Veit/Glan. She completed education in the areas of ballet, jazz, modern dance and musicals. She studied Applied Cultural Studies as well as Economics and Law. Since 2016 she has been part of the Ensemble Porcia. From 2017 to 2020 she worked as a director and assistant director at the “Schauspielhaus Graz”. There she released amongst other things the debut of „Bookpink“, which was nominated for the Dramatist Award of Mülheim, and the debut of „Flüstern in stehenden Zügen“ by Clemens J. Setz. Anja M. Wohlfahrt works as a freelance director, choreographer and associate producer. In 2020, she joined the InTaKT festival as assistant and executive producer, and since 2021, took over the program lead from Christoph Kreinbucher-Bekerle.

Advisory and idea: Christoph Kreinbucher-Bekerle office@intakt-festival.at 

Production: Alisa Amrei Fechter auftakt@intakt-festival.at

Quality control Inclusion: Matthias Grasser fokus@intakt-festival.at 

Design: Philipp Brillinger design@intakt-festival.at

Press & Social Media: Sonja Radkohl presse@intakt-festival.at

Website: Peter Wetz

Documentation: Edi Haberl