Programme 2021

Dear audience,

We are pleased that you are again part of our inclusive festival “InTaKT” this year, and thus, support inclusive art and culture as well as the opportunity for everyone to participate.

As these special times show us, there is currently no end in sight to the pandemic. After last year’s rather improvised digital edition, this year we were already looking for innovative formats in the long-term preparation that could also take place with the measures to contain the pandemic, and above all, promote the core values of our festival: the cooperation and engagement of people with and without disabilities. 

It started off in August with the making of the inclusive documentary “Crazy little thing called love“ about love and sexuality.

This taboo topic in connection with disability has always been very important to us. The result will be presented at the opening of the festival in the “TaO!-Theater am Ortweinplatz”. 

The film premiere is framed by an exhibition of the talented photographer Evelyn Brezina from Vienna. She is in a wheelchair and through her fascinating pictures shows us her very own perspective of the city in which she lives. In addition, the “Wheel-Movie” “How we wanna think” by Matthias Ohner and Matthias Grasser in cooperation with the “Akademie Graz”, produced as part of the project “Kultur inklusiv”, will be shown. 

As for the performative core of the festival, we are (again) bringing the debut of the dance theater “UN/EQUAL, but everyone would like” created by the “Ich bin O.K.” dance company from Vienna to the stage of the “Schauspielhaus Graz”.

The production should have been performed during last year’s festival but had to be cancelled at short notice due to the corona crisis. Now it is finally being played in front of an audience.

With their work, the dancers with and without disabilities question a utopian world in which everyone is equal.

We also want to improve the accessibility of all events by showing “UN/EQUAL” with audio description and sign language interpretation.

We also show an imaginative program for children because inclusion should be already introduced to the youngest of our society.

In the „FRida & freD-Knopftheater“, the „Junge Theater Augsburg“ presents the play “Sabienchen! Adventures of a honeybee” about biodiversity, without many words but with a lot of music.

In addition, some impressive films to watch together or stream from home are also part of the “InTaKT” program, including the documentary “Eva-Maria” originally presented at “Diagonale 2021”, the documentary “You bet I dance!” developed in cooperation with the „Staatsballett Berlin”, and as a special highlight, the screening of the performance “SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP”, which is strongly celebrated in the theater scene. 

Besides numerous opportunities for all age groups to actively explore themselves in a wide variety of artistic workshops, there is also an advanced training course for professionals working with people with disabilities as a continuation of the project “Kultur inklusiv” in cooperation with “Akademie Graz” and “Lebenshilfe” as well as an exclusive podcast series, which takes a closer look at some of the program and the individual artists.

We believe in the relevance of inclusive forms of art and culture and look forward to presenting the sixth edition of “InTaKT Graz” from 4th to 7th November 2021.



Thursday, 04.11.2021, 7 p.m.

TAO!-Theater am Ortweinplatz

Free entrance


Crazy little thing called love 


What happens when you confess your love to others?

What is love actually?

What is the difference between affection and sexuality?

What is good sex? And with who?

Are they allowed to do that?

The project „Crazy little thing called love“ connects people of all ages with and without disabilities with a professional film crew. Sexuality of people with disabilities is still a taboo subject in our society. In August 2021, the “InTaKT” team met with experts from everyday life to ask them how they love, what sexuality means to them and what experiences they have already gained in this context. The result is a mix of reportage and documentary, which will celebrate it’s premiere at the opening of the “IntTaKT” festival.

Director: Anja M. Wohlfahrt

Camera & Editing: Edi Haberl

Outside Eye: Lina Hölscher

With: Bettina Platzer, Priska Unsinn, Nora Müller, Annika Ritter, Cornelia Weixler, Hugo Dreter, Leyla Panzer, Sophie Jaufer, Heidi Moser, Su Albrecht, Alfred Zancolo, Monika Wogrolly, David Formayer, Matthias Grasser, Lialin, Ronald Wenzel.


EXHIBITION Window to the world

How do people in wheelchairs see and experience the city? In her works, the photographer Evelyn Brezina shows her perspective of her city in a breathtaking way.

Brezina captures her impressive pictures with her mobile phone, her “window to the world”, and shares them via her popular Instagram account @vienna_wheelchair_view. 

The pictures will be published on 4th November as part of the opening of the festival in the “TaO!-Theater am Ortweinplatz” and will be exhibited every day one hour before each event. 

Photographer: Evelyn Brezina

Curators: Lina Hölscher and Alisa Amrei Fechter


FILM How we wanna think

Think first, then act. But what do we think of when it comes to disability and inclusion? And how would we want to think? The entertainingly profound „Wheel-Movie“, created as part of the cultural project “Kultur inklusiv”, tears down walls on the way into a new reality: Inclusion has come further then you might think!

Also, the production process was designed inclusively. Matthias Grasser himself is in a wheelchair and describes the collaboration with Matthias Ohner, director and actor without disabilities, as very informative and meaningful.

An experience they want to pass on to their audience in order to strengthen inclusion. 

Idea, Script, Directing, Editing: Matthias Ohner 

Actresses and Actors: Matthias Grasser, Matthias Ohner, Susanne Ohner

Models: Havva Cicek, Miriam Jungwirth, Helena Käfer

The foto shows the „Ich bin O.K.“ Dance Company. Copyright: Hesky/Puschner.


but everyone would like 

„Ich bin O.K.“ Dance Company

Debut Performance Schauspielhaus Graz, HAUS ZWEI

Saturday, 06.11.2021, 7 p.m.

Sunday, 07.11.2021, 3 p.m.

Length/Duration: 60 Min.

Price: € 18.50/€  9 (reduced)

Tickets available from the „Schauspielhaus Graz“ ticket office. 

If everyone was equal – what would the world look like? 

On the other hand: how much heterogeneity can a society tolerate? 

“UN/EQUAL, but everyone would like“ is about equality and inequality, and to question one’s own perception. We all want to be part of the big picture – also when running risk to be influenced too much by the masses or supposed authorities. 

To the contrary, we want to be special. 

In this debut, professional dancers with and without intellectual disabilities take the issue of (in)equality as a starting point for questioning the deep human need of belonging and how much of one’s one personality a society can bear. 

In doing so, they reflect on themselves and invite the audience to do likewise.

The result is a contemporary dance evening with urban styles and live rap.

Dancers: Simon Couvreur, Farah Deen, Lina Hufnagl, Raphael Kadrnoska, Niklas Kern, Maria Naber, Marina Rützler, Alexander Stuchlik, Sophie Waldstein

Live-Rap: Markus Samek

Dramaturgy & Choreography: Kirin Espana

Artistic Director & Choreography: Attila Zanin

Dramaturgical & Choreographical Assistance: Hana Zanin Pauknerová


Sabienchen! Adventures of a honeybee

„Junges Theater Augsburg“

Show for kids, without many words but with a lot of music!

Thursday, 04.11.2021 until Sunday, 07.11.2021   “FRida & freD-KNOPFTHEATER”

Always at 4 p.m.

Length: 40 Min.

Age recommendation: 3 to 8 years

Price: € 8

Tickets available from “FRida & freD” or by phone: 0043 316 8727700.

Dawn of a wonderful summer morning. Buzzing and humming in the beehive. As always, the bees work hard and they are all hungry.

Sabienchen receives an exciting mission: looking for food for all the bees! 

She buzzes and buzzes, her stomach is rumbling!

Where are the wildflower meadows? And where are her friends, who she likes to race so much? Where are the butterflies, flies, bugs and dragonflies? Not even her favorite enemy, the spider, shows up.

With this play, the „Junges Theater Augsburg“ aims to carefully raise awareness about biodiversity. Age appropriate and with lots of fun and humor.

Director: Susanne Reng

Play: Kristina Altenhöfer

Live music: Ellen Mayer

Set Design: Franziska Boos 

Assistant director: Teresa Harsch

Equipment: Kilian Bühler

The foto shows the bee Sabienchen. Copyright: Frauke Wichmann.


TaO!-Theater am Ortweinplatz

Free entrance



A project from and with Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś, with music by Kim Twiddle 

Friday, 05.11.2021, 7 p.m.

Length: 60 min.

»SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP« is about togetherness. It is about attention to detail and joy. Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś explore the different levels of their relationship, their friendship. Their poetic tendencies, their urge for sensuality and the challenges, that involve us in playful interactions. In a tender, humorous dance they ask what is their own and what is the other body, how do we see, hear and feel it. 

Idea & Concept: Lucy Wilke and Paweł Duduś
Development & Performance: Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś and Kim Ramona Ranalter 

E-Composition & Music: Kim Ramona Ranalter
Stage & Scene: Theresa Scheitzenhammer, Alexander Wilke
Light: Barbara Westernach
Outside Eye: Tamara Pietsch, David Bloom
PR: Kathrin Schäfer KulturPR
Artistic Production Management: Rat & Tat Kulturbüro
Assistance: Maryna Mikhalchuk
Photography: Martina Marini-Misterioso, Theresa Scheitzenhammer,
Jean-Marc Turmes
Graphics: Ismail Berkel, Martina Marini-Misterioso 



Contributions to listen to at home

In our new podcast series, we will focus exclusively on some of the participating artists and relevant, inclusive issues.

The core ideas of our festival – the cooperation and engagement of people with and without disabilities – should be able to take place even in times of strict measures to contain the pandemic, without losing the feeling of a real encounter for the audience. 

Among our guests are the photographer Evelyn Brezina, the “Ich bin O.K.” dance company, as well as the journalist and author Mareice Kaiser. 



TaO!-Theater am Ortweinplatz

Free entrance



A film by Lukas Ladner

Sunday, 7.11., 5 p.m.

Duration:  97 Min.

Followed by a panel discussion with the audience.

Eva-Maria likes to be guided by her optimism, also in her desire to become a mother. The fact that she has been in a wheelchair since childhood has never been a reason for her to give up her dreams. Now, in her early 30’s, she feels ready to give life.

Documented by her personal assistant, we get an unusually intimate glimpse into a life beyond conventional family planning.

Eva-Maria invites us into her touching journey and shows us what it means to be a mother with physical limitations.

The film premiered at the „Diagonale“ in Graz in June 2021 and was awarded as the best newcomer film. 

Production: Golden Girls Film, Bunny Beach Film

The photo shows a ballerina and a girl. Copyright: PSFilm.

You bet I dance! 

A Film by Lars Pape

SUNDAY, 07.11.2021, 11 a.m.

Length: 90 Min.

German with English subtitles

In 2019, a special workshop takes place at the “Staatsballett Berlin”. For the first time in Europe, there is a dance workshop for children with cerebral palsy.

Two girls with varying forms of this early childhood brain damage embark on their first big dance adventure.

Leonie and Hannah attend the workshop with eight other children. But what is even possible for children with physical and sometime cognitive limitations? The kids give an impressive answer. They dance. In their very special own way. 

Dancing means being happy. And through the unrestrained joy of life of the children and the love of their parents, this happiness is made almost tangible by the documentary “You bet I dance!”.

“You bet I dance!“ is available on our website throughout the festival.



Free participation

No previous experience needed

TaO!-Theater am Ortweinplatz



Space – Space between – Space of encounter

Dance-ability Workshop

Thursday, 04.11. Angelika Holzer (Dance educationist)

5 – 6.30 p.m.

Dancing lets us feel our vitality, gives us space for expression, lets us experience community and connection with others and share joy through movement. This movement and dance workshop makes our bodies speak, we improvise and shape it with our movements.

How can I perceive my space, take my space?

What develops in the spaces between and in spaces of encounter? 

Dancing connects us, this is what we will explore.



“The theater workshop without theater”

SATURDAY, 06.11.2021 Verena Kiegerl (Director)

4 – 5.30 p.m.

Absolutely everyone can take part, 

no matter the age, sex or skill!

It is all about meeting one another. 

Relaxed, playful and free from any performance pressure.



For trained staff in the area of disability

Katharina Grilj (Psychologist, theater educationist) 

THURSDAY, 04.11. 2021 TaO!-Theater am Ortweinplatz

9 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

Registration until 31.10.2021


for employees of “Lebenshilfe” at: 

Imagine, there is a lockdown, and everything is closed! Nobody is allowed outside. Inside everything turns grey, and boring, and everyone calls for a change of scene. But how?

In this theater pedagogical workshop, professional social workers who work with people with disabilities can learn how to independently implement creative exercises and games with their clients. 

Together with the breakfast, this workshop is counts as an advanced training in cooperation with „Lebenshilfe” but can also be attended separately.

Maximum number of participants: 15

Prize: € 63

Art can change!

Breakfast for trained staff in the area of disability

Astrid Kury (Akademie Graz) FRIDAY, 05.11.2021, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Matthias Grasser (InTaKT Festival)  

Employees of the social working sector are the key reference persons for people with disabilities and other people affected by social inequality. We therefore invite them to exchange ideas about art and culture, as well as the understanding and accessibility of it. 

As part of the project “Kultur inklusiv”, the “InTaKT” festival developed and published a guide for art and culture together with the “Akademie Graz” and other partners.

Dr. Astrid Kury (Akademie Graz) and Matthias Grasser (InTaKT-Festival) would like to host a discussion on the results of this guide. 

The breakfast is part of an advanced training but can be attended separately.


The whole programme can be found here (GERMAN only): InTaKT Programmheft 2021

Your safety is our priority. The recommended measures to contain COVID-19 are also observed within the framework of InTaKT. Keep a safe distance and, if necessary, use mouth and nose protection! You can also find current information at the respective venue.