Performances 2017

Mezzanin Theatre (Graz) – Tarte Au Chocolat

Thursday 9 November – Sunday 12 November
4 pm
5 years old and up
7 € – reservation via 0316/8727700

A “Tarte au Chocolat” is round, chocolaty and good. But what happens if the egg doesn’t turn out the way the chef wants it, the dough falls apart, the ingredients disappear and the sugar is acting up? Two chefs looking for the right recipe in a tandem bake-off, deliver a thoroughly funny slapstick piece.

The neat-freak clown Jean-Paul, who has been active in the wide world of the circus (Roncalli, Tigerpalast, etc.) for years, meets his charming nephew Erwin, who has already been successful on stage in numerous local productions.

Starring: Erwin Slepcevic, Jean-Paul Ledun
Director: Martina Kolbinger-Reiner
Tech: Tom Bergner

Inclusic – the inclusive band contest

Sa, 11 November
Orpheum Extra
5 € presale

Together with the association “Welt Ohne Grenzen” (‘World Without Borders’) we present our very first inclusive band contest. Local and regional musical groups are thus offered a platform to showcase their talent in front of an audience. In particular, we aim to invite groups that integrate people with disabilities or other challenging circumstances.

On this colourful evening, every style is fair game. Everything from rock, pop, rap to folk music can be included! In addition to an expert jury rating, the audience is also invited to pick their favourite. The musical evening will be rounded off by a guest appearance by a well-known band!

Additional information at: or +43 681 10450496
Registration for music groups open until 31.10.2017

Film screening “Shot in the dark” (GER, 2016)

Tuesday 14 November
Universalmuseum Joanneum, Auditorium
80 mins (followed by film talk)
7 € AK

Photography and blindness don’t fit together. Wrong! The documentary ‘Shot in the Dark’ by Frank Amann is an intimate portrait of the three successful artists Bruce Hall, Pete Eckert and Sonia Soberats, whose visual impairment has become the starting point of their visual explorations. Seeing as blind people dream – and suddenly begin to see in their dreams.

Starring: Sonia Soberats, Bruce Hall, Pete Eckert
Script, direction, camera: Frank Amann
Editing: Bernd Euscher, Gesa Marten
Music: FM Einheit
Sound: Shinya Kitamura
Dramaturgy: Olaf Winkler
Producer: Kristina Konrad, Christian Frosch
Production: Weltfilm
Co-Production: WDR, Arte

In cooperation with the Universalmuseum Joanneum, we are showing an exhibition of selected pictures of the three actors in the auditorium. This can be visited free of charge for the duration of the festival.

Mareice Kaiser (Berlin) – “Alles inklusive” reading

Wednesday 15 November
free entry – please register at

“96 percent of all children are born healthy. My daughter is one of the other four percent.”

A book that takes you to an extraordinary everyday family life. Mareice Kaiser had a very different expectation of becoming a parent: her first daughter was born with a rare chromosomal defect and is severely disabled. They spent the puerperium in the hospital and instead of going to the crèche group, they went to the pediatrician.

Mareice Kaiser talks about the unpredictability of life, about day-to-day life between the hospital and day care centre, about unwarranted justifications, stupid comments, stereotypical role distributions, bureaucratic insanity and difficult questions of conscience.

It is the story of a young mother who wants to be more than just the caretaker for her disabled daughter. “I don’t want to live in a society where my child has to leave the nursery because it is too disabled. I don’t want to live in a society where I have to be thankful if someone cares for my child because I want to work. I don’t always want to have to depend on luck. How is anything supposed to change if no one is fighting?” Questions that concern us all.

“Alles inklusive” (‘All Inclusive’) is the first book by the Berlin author. An important, modern and militant contribution to the current debates on inclusion, prenatal diagnostics and the compatibility of family and work under particular conditions – and the declaration of love of a mother for her daughter.

BwieZack (Hildesheim) – zwei oder mehr

Friday 17 November 6 pm and Saturday 18.11.
Graz Opera, Studio Stage
8 years old and up
15 / 10€ via

A participatory staging for hearing impaired and hearing persons from 8 years old upwards

We want to build a story.
It is a story about all of us.
And it is the story of Leo.
Leo is shorter than most people, but taller than most people think.

We accompany Leo to one of his favourite places and find out what it means to perceive other people, when we are strangers and when we are alike. Together with the audience, BwieZack builds a story that is a bit different every time it is performed, depending on who is sitting in the audience.

Through the use of sign language, spoken language and a playful approach to surtitles, the production is accessible to people with varying degrees of listening skills.

Starring: Theresa Frey, Johanna Kraft, Petra Jeroma, Larissa Probst,
Team: Lukas Löffler, Nico Franke, Sinethemba Njotini, Anna Pristouschek

In cooperation with the Hildesheim Educational Centre for the Hearing Impaired

TaO! (Graz) – Fremd

A theatre project by the MegaphonUni in cooperation with TaO!
Friday 17 November at 8 pm and Saturday 18 November at 7 pm
Theater am Ortweinplatz
10 / 8,50€ via

When does the unknown entice, when does it repel? Where does my biography begin and where is it leading me? What is mine and what is alien? Are we alike or different? A group of vastly different individuals sets out to explore new things while describing their experiences, putting them in context with that which they have already experienced, play it out and create an evening theatre with it. They group grows to know each other. They introduce themselves to the audience and simultaneously challenges their expectations. Using common theatre tools, they explore the dynamics of the self and the other, assert biographies, and toy with fiction and reality. The lines between the self and the other are playfully blurred, enabling a shift in perspective.

Artistic management/director: Manfred Weissensteiner
Assistant/script: Stefanie Lehrner
Project coordination/MegaphonUNI: Julia Reiter
Created by and starring: Kuduer Abbas, Anna Fuchs, Florian Grich, Corina Hatzi, Kerstin Hatzi, Corinja A. Hein, Eric Jack, Mohamed Kllani, Tom Lux, Alexandra Mitrovic, Margaretha Murschetz, Katharina Claudia Pitscheider, Julia Reiter, Sophie Hossinger

Transmitter Performance & Signdance Collective International – IN BETWEEN SPACES

Saturday 18 November 9 pm
Theater am Ortweinplatz
free entry

IN BETWEEN SPACES is a visual concert which combines dance, film, and acting and expresses these elements through sign language and music. The subject matter is heavily focused on human beings who fall through the cracks of society. The content of this performance has been fully translated and is, therefore, suitable for the hearing as well as the hearing impaired.